Monday, July 18, 2011

A word about swabs

There are many types and qualities of swabs on the market. Everything from a piece of felt, chamois, silk, to microfiber. Please keep in mind that the object of a swab is to remove saliva from the inside of the bore.  Acids in the saliva will over time rot raw brass, tear down fibers in wood, and cake on plastic. Besides the health factors of keeping moist "spit" in the instrument. One of the best absorbing materials I have found is the microfiber cloth and what is sold as the "sax diaper". It is diaper material. Silk is a good material to use in swabs as well especially inside wood.  Much talk has been given to products that you push into the bore of a instrument and leave there. My option has always been to get the saliva out of the instrument quickly and completely not allowing it to stay inside the bore as it wicks to the center. If you play daily the instrument may never dry out.             

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