Saturday, July 16, 2011

Putting a reed on a wind instrument.

As a technician for nearly 40 years I see many parents purchase reeds more often than others. I do like selling them but they can last longer by taking a few easy steps. Many times students will put a reed on the mouthpiece first then slide the ligature over the reed. If the reed is lightly over the top of the mouthpiece it will chip the reed. One way to prevent this is to place the ligature on the mouthpiece first then slide the reed with  the thick part down under it. Another very important item that is a must is a mouthpiece cap. This very inexpensive accessory will protect the reed while not playing during rehearsal  but protects the mouthpiece tip while putting the instrument away and while not playing. A mouthpiece cap costs about 1/50th of a mouthpiece so make sure you have one. 

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