Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why doesn't the bow make any noise?

     As you begin to get ready for the new school year and rent or lease a string instrument you may wonder why the bow doesn't make any noise as you rub it across the strings. This is because the bow needs to have rosin on it. This should either be provided in the rent or lease or can be purchased as part of a care kit for the instrument. It ca also be purchased separately. Here the way to put it on the bow according to Joan Balter from a Strings Magazine article.
Your bow will probably come with a dusting of white rosin on the hair. But if it doesn’t, you can apply it yourself. Just draw the bow smoothly back and forth across the cake of rosin—a lot of times! Resist the urge to scrub, press hard on the rosin, or go quickly from end to end—that creates too much heat and doesn’t do as good a job. Just be patient. Once your bow is rosined, you will have to apply rosin occasionally to keep it in playing condition, but a little goes a long way! Too much rosin just flies around and lands on your instrument. Worse yet, too much rosin can make you feel like you need even more!
By Joan Balter

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