Monday, June 20, 2011

Some People Can't Play just any Instrument

There are many ways to provide your child with the instrument they want to play. Please note that the instrument they want to play may not be the instrument that best suits their mouth. It is best to let your child be checked out by a reputable music store or your music instructor. They will be able to watch the student as they try several different instruments to determine the right fit for them. One example is recently I had a child come into the store who wanted to play a clarinet. We fit the reed to the mouthpiece and set up his mouth correctly and he couldn't make a sound. After some time we tried a flute. No success. Finally, we tried a trumpet and he obtained a good quality sound right away. I gave him a book to try a few notes and he was successful. He now wanted to play trumpet. Any music educator or reputable music store can help with this.

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